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Ecospecifier's core intent is:

'the protection and restoration of natural systems by reducing the impact of products and built environments and by building awareness of practical solutions  that support healthy environments and ecological regeneration.'

Ecospecifier's vision for ecologically aware built environments began in Australia in 2003 and its unique approach to greening the built environment is now established globally, attracting annual interest from around the world. Ecospecifier websites now generate over 2,000,000 million page views per year in key green building regions globally and directly generate additional multi-million dollar incomes for some manufacturers (see Rockcote Testimonial below).

In these ten years Ecospecifier global has also built on its executive team's leading edge green building consulting expertise including some of the world's most iconic green buildings such as the Sydney 2000 Green Olympics Arena, Olympic Village and 8 other venues, Sydney's Green Square Town Centre and over AUD$55Billion worth of leading green projects and major Awards to become a world leader in:

Services Summary

  • green building materials and technologies research and assessment, via its Ecospecifier verification system;
  • the online delivery of product knowledge via our global network of websites. The sites are focussed on regionally and nationally relevant information about verified and certified products and utilising powerful green building rating tool relevant search functions to connect truly green products to the professionals and projects that need them;
  • green building design and materials education and training for Government, major corporate, consulting; and manufacturer organisations in person and via our online portal in a diverse range of green building design, product, life cycle assessment; green procurement and Integrative Design Processes.

These services support building professionals to work more efficiently, achieving highly rated green buildings more easily and cost effectively and supporting manufacturers to more intelligently produce ecologically sustainable and healthy products.

Our entire operation and product verification services are fully ISO 9001 Certified.

2012 marked a major milestone with all websites now being globally free to air and the expansion into the retail and general product sector.



Ecospecifier South Africa  is also very proud to have been  selected as a finalist in the Eco-Logic Awards 2014 for the Eco-innovation Award. 



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