Testimonials - Professional


“Our organisation works closely with sustainable low cost housing projects and it is imperative that we have an unambiguous and unbiased verification tool that gives our spend credibility. Housing is the top priority for Inter-governmental Development Plans both in local and national government and the money allocated to these projects needs to be spent cautiously, with the knowledge that the products specified will meet the sustainability criteria that these housing initiatives are looking for. Ecospecifier is a long awaited and much needed product in South Africa and I have no doubt that the tool will play an integral role in our Green Building Practices and Principles in the future” 

- Beth McKellar Basset, Green Communities


“The very real threat of climate change and the likely environmental backlash is the biggest elephant in the global living room right now.  Many people are aware of it, but many people secretly hope it will just somehow go away of its own accord. 


The recent global financial meltdown is proof that when global consciousness is focused in one specific direction, the impact can be massive and, quite literally, can change the world.

In focusing on climate change, the simplest, most economically viable route to creating the greatest impact in the shortest possible time is to change the way we build, and to change the way we manage and use our built environment.

It is hard to imagine anyone serious about creating a more environmentally sustainable built-environment ignoring a green building tool as effective or comprehensive as Ecospecifier”

- Michael Kornmüller Architecture


“Awash in a sea of greenwashing, where manufacturers clambour to get onto the green bandwagon and in an industry that so desperately needs guidance in the challenge of delivering truly environmentally conscious construction, Ecospecifier is bound to become an invaluable tool."

- Andy Horn, Architect               


“Researching and maintaining my own database of green materials and suppliers has consumed considerable time and energy over the years. 

 Ecospecifier provides an up-to-date, independently verified resource which contains a treasure trove of materials, allowing green building practitioners to concentrate their efforts on developing and implementing effective green solutions.”

- Peter Lucas, Natural Wonder


“In our work, which involves the promotion of sustainable procurement practices in South Africa, the limited number of local verification schemes available to validate the claims of green products is of concern. This is particularly problematic in that the expertise regarding green procurement in the supply chain management function in the country is lacking. In the absence of independent green verification schemes, supply chain professionals fear the misrepresentation of environmental attributes of products and the lack of transparency as to production methods and components.

A service such as ecospecifier will provide guidance for the identification and verification of green products in the construction sector, which will go a long way towards promoting the use of green products while minimizing the threat of greenwash.”

- Helen Davies, Incite Sustainability


"Ecospecifier is one of the most influential ecolabels in the building/construction market."

- Nigel Howard, EDGE Environment as President of the Australian Life Cycle Analysis Society (ALCAS)


"ecospecifier is a world class tool that deserves global input and attention.   No other software tool helps designers and specifiers make decisions on products in such a scientifically, environmentally based protocol. I am impressed and sincerely anxious about seeing ecospecifier gain the global recognition it deserves. Commercialisation (in the U.S.) certainly must follow… and soon.  We need ecospecifier out here in the industry."

- Dr Kath Williams, Fulbright Senior Specialist & Past Chair, U.S. Green Building Council.


"As a design firm, we want to spend maximum time on design. Therefore, ecospecifier is our first and last stop in specifying materials, as the research is done for us already."

- Gerard Reinmuth, Director, Terroir Pty Ltd, Australian Architects.


"The UAE ecospecifier site is an impressive tool as we work with projects in Dubai and other areas around the Gulf. Searching by LEED® credits or a specific green product need, all backed by ecospecifier's extensive reviewing and verifying protocols, makes this site a must for green building consultants and all those involved in green building materials in the region."

- Samuel Keehn, Energy Management Services, Int. Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Dubai, UAE


"Understanding supply chain capabilities in emerging sustainability markets is a complex and time consuming exercise. However, ecospecifier have paved the way and provide the only real database of products that can deliver in accordance with local and international green standards. Their service is invaluable..."

Christopher Doyle,  Head of Sustainability and Health & Safety, CEMEA,


Testimonials - Manufacturers

South Africa

“Securing GreenRate certification has translated into increased sales as customers choose Armstrong ceiling products which meet the Green Star SA criteria. We see this trend continuing as the demand for high-performing sustainable buildings grows in the coming months and years.”

- Jeremy Sumeray, Senior Segment Manager, Sustainability – EMEA, Armstrong World Industries Ltd


"As a manufacturer of concrete products to the built environment I am most impressed by the Green Product Listings which will provide a robust, qualified eco-profiling methodology to verify our green building materials, fit-out our products and technologies and make this information accessible to the construction industry."

-Deon van Vuuren, Inca Concrete Products



"I checked out a few options before deciding to go Ecospecifier. It was your people that made the choice easy."
Michael Muxworth,Green Insulation

"I have been involved in many LCA projects in my time at Visy and am yet to find a Peer-Reviewed LCA with so many indicators at such a cost effective price.  Given the right application, I believe ecospeciifier could be engaged to undertake LCA work for a broad range of products. The great labelling, certification and marketing benefits could be seen as an added bonus.

Whilst assessing and understanding the carbon footprint of a product or system is advantageous, especially in our current carbon conscious environment, focussing solely on carbon as an indicator can ignore and even increase the real and potential impacts from a broader lifecycle perspective. The assessment offered as part of the GreenTag™ labelling program provides the opportunity to obtain a detailed LCA at or below the price of a single indicator LCA (carbon footprint) from many consultants."

- Brett Giddings, Product Sustainability Manager, Visy


"The ecospecifier system has been a great success for Verosol's commercial marketing strategy. When I hear comments from leading architects that ecospecifier is the first place they start to look when researching environmentally responsible products I know we made the right choice. It is hard to put a dollar value on ecospecifier's worth to our company, but I would have to say that it could possibly be worth in the millions of dollars. We see our relationship with ecospecifier as part of our long term approach to this market."

Wayne Foster, QLD State Manager, Verosol Australia Pty Ltd


"Involvement with ecospecifier has conservatively lead to sales of at least two million dollars over the last financial year. A major stumbling block to the uptake of more environmentally sustainable products within the construction industry is the lack of a consistent, reliable & trusted green building product rating Certification system like GreenTag. It is of great national and international benefit to Rockcote and other manufacturers of sustainable building products."

Bob Cameron, Managing Director, ROCKCOTE Enterprises Pty Ltd


"Without an ecospecifier assessment we would not have been able to penetrate the market and to be able to substantiate the information that we needed to supply to our clients. Our sales team openly, and on a daily basis, express to our clients that our products are independently assessed and evaluated by ecospecifier to clearly show our commitment to this service and the environment. These assessments have assisted in winning many GBCA projects."

Paula Dawes, Vertilux Corporation Pty Ltd

"We were told very bluntly by a large number of architects and government clients in Australia that ecospecifier is their benchmark and reference for sourcing eco-products."

-  Jeff Ruthven, Technical Services, Polyflor International


United Arab Emirates

"By working with ecospecifier, we received exactly what was needed to ensure that our products professionally and scientifically portray their environmental and technical characteristics and are ready for presentation to our clients. Besides providing us with certificates for our products, ecospecifier have also LEED assessed the products and listed them on both the international and local UAE websites thus presenting us as distributors of green products that can be used around the world."

- Rosy Salameh, Assistant Executive Director - Marketing, Tiger Profiles & Insulations LLC


'I checked out a few options before deciding to go Ecospecifier. It was your people that made the choice easy.'

Michael Muxworth

Green Insulation