5th Going Green Conference (GGC2017)

5th Going Green Conference (GGC2017)

Date: 20.03.2017

5th Going Green Conference (GGC2017)

13 -15 September 2017 - Public Works Conference Centre, 455a King Cetshwayo, Mayville, Durban

The theme of the GGC2017, Public Infrastructure leading through Innovation and Green Technologies, will challenge decision makers in government and industry experts alike to apply new thinking and the adoption of green technologies in reshaping the built environment industry. Essentially it’s about bringing together active collaboration and cooperation to fast track green infrastructure investments within the public infrastructure portfolio.

The host city for the GGC2017 has been voted an official New 7 Wonder City of the World and is home to the ninth largest harbour in the world; it houses the largest shopping mall in Africa and it also boasts the world's fifth largest aquarium. The GGC2017 will be held at the Public Works Conference Centre in Mayville, 455a King Cetshwayo, in the heart of Durban, with a wonderful green working space for both pre-and-post conference meetings and networking opportunities.

The GGC2017 will provide a suitable platform for building professionals to refresh their green building knowledge skills and to explore the innovations taking shape across the public infrastructure portfolio in the country with special contributions coming from the Ethekweni region, from all the three tiers of government.

Key topics include sustainable water infrastructure services, energy services, resource efficiency, green finance, and small scale renewable energy developments taking shape across the province and the rest of the country.

The target audience for the conference are all design professionals, consultants, associations, inspectors, contractors including the private trading & manufacturing businesses through the practical training and development of professionals within the built environment. The GGC2017 will also strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading built environment experts, industry leaders, government officials, young professionals, students and as well as sponsors and exhibitors via the World Going Green Cafes.

Benefits of attending the GGC2017 include the following:

1. Contribution to the Building Efficiency Technical (BET) Guidelines;

2. Career Development opportunities through accredited Going Green Education (GGE) programmes;

3. Knowledge sharing between academia, private and public sector participants through the annual Going Green Conferences (GGCs);

4. Accurate information on environmentally friendly and accredited building products through the Going Green Products (GGP) directory;

5. Mentorship of Candidate Professionals and tertiary students through focused learning methods that encourages them to be innovative and responsive to the changing needs of the industry.

Building Efficiency Technical Guidelines:

The Building Efficiency Technical guidelines is a draft document that was developed through the technical contributions of industry professionals that attended previous GGCs with the objective of providing technical guidance on the implementation of efficiency measures across facilities namely through:

a. The implementation of government policy and regulation, such as the National Energy Efficiency Strategy, Energy Efficiency Building Standard – SANS10400 XA, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) standard – SANS1544, Measurement and Verification standard, etc;

b. Safety and Cost effective measures that can be applied to the benchmarking of facilities; and

c. Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes. The development of the BET guidelines was made possible through shared technical expertise of the academia, public and private sector representatives that attend the annuals GGCs.

The BET guidelines will be circulated prior to the start of the 5th GGC for further updates and comments.

By joining the GGPM platform you can qualify to get your GGC2017 fees waived (based on an assessment that will be done by GGC’s technical committee). The GGPM platform will provide a gateway to the discussions in Durban, South Africa and an entrance to one of Africa’s leading green infrastructure destinations!!

In Zulu we say “Siyanamkela eThekweni”!! 

For more information contact:

Songo Didiza, Executive Director

Green Building Design Group (Non Profit Company)

Cell: +27 791377931 

E-mail: songo@greenbdg.co.za


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