Sustainability Week 2017

Sustainability Week 2017

Date: 21.03.2017


Sustainability Week 2017

Date: 13 - 18 June 2017

Venue: CSIR Convention Centre, Hatfield, Pretoria

The objective of Sustainability Week is to advance the Green Economy by creating platforms for African stakeholders from across sectors to share knowledge, thought leadership, and experience, and to learn from each other.


Sustainability Week is governed by the following 5 goals:

• Galvanising African countries to work together to drive sustainable development will not benefit Africa only, but offers pathways to solutions to the global ‘poly crisis’ of climate change, ecological collapse, and social inequality.

• Transitioning to a low carbon economy must be driven from all perspectives, but with development as a primary outcome.

• Creating good jobs is the key to success for South Africa and Africa, and leap-frogging to sophisticated (not necessarily high-tech) approaches is the key.

• Connecting industry with services sectors such as local government, energy, water, waste and transport is another key objective, with the outcome being to drive best practice and sustainable approaches to achieve both savings and competitive advantage.

• Going green requires innovation across all areas of endeavour – research, policy, standards, business models, technology, and methods, and therefore innovation transcends all engagements at Sustainability Week.

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