ThermocousTex in School Halls

ThermocousTex in School Halls

Date: 28.10.2015

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ThermocousTex is a Thermal and Acoustic Range of Insulating products that provide positive benefits in noisy student environments, like school halls.  The Ecospecifier Verified product by Datlink Insulation Acoustics uses both recycled polyester recovered from waste PET bottles such as Coke, Sprite and Water.and in some cases is combined with Kenaf, a renewable plant fibre.  

Excessive noise in school halls is mostly a problem where no acoustic considerations have been included.  High noice reverberation (echoes) in school halls seriously compromises speech intelligibility, concentration and enjoyment levels within that environment.

Many hard surfaces such as glass, gypsum board ceilings, tiled floors etc. are used, all of which are practical but also act as excellent reflectors of sound (not absorbers).

Dramatic improvements can be achieved by using sensible, cost effective solutions by introducing and exposing approved acoustic absorbing materials within these noisy environment. 

An example of such a solution is using ThermocousTex Fibre Blankets within a simple timber frame, covered with a suitable acoustically permeablefabric of aesthetic choice and then mounted (exposed) on the hard wall surfaces as a "sound trp".  This 'fit for purpose' solution greatly reduces the unpleasant (and often unmanageable) noise reverberation within school halls, resulting in au audibly intelligent environment and one that is suitable for school halls.

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