Tontine Insulation - Media Release

Date: 02.08.2011

Tontine Insulation's parent company, United Bonded Fabrics (UBF) Pty. Ltd, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the non-woven business of The Smith Family.

The Smith Family ("TSF") is a national Australian independent children's charity that helps disadvantaged children by unlocking opportunities through education and learning. As part of its charitable operations TSF owns and operates two commercial businesses, namely clothing recycling (collection and sale of recycled clothing throughout NSW and to export markets) and non-woven technical textile manufacturing operations.

Since its original formation, TSF's non-wovens business has grown to become an integrated designer, manufacturer and distributor of recycled and virgin fibre textile products. TSF's manufacturing plant is located in NSW and combines a variety of processes such as carding, needle-punching and thermal bonding to manufacture a wide range of fabrics and felt. These processes have the same technology base and are complimentary to those used by UBF, and merging these capabilities will result in both synergies in manufacture and opportunity in further product innovation.

Some of TSF's products include:

  • Carpet underlay
  • Automotive fabrics
  • Wall coverings
  • Pin boards
  • Liquid filtration
  • Cloth wipes
  • Geotextiles
  • Blankets

UBF, Tontine Insulation and The Smith Family look forward to the merging of these businesses creating a world class and sustainable manufacturing enterprise to benefit all stakeholders including staff and customers.

For further information please contact Tontine Insulation.

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