Viridian Launches SmartGlass Range

Viridian Launches SmartGlass Range

Date: 27.06.2011

Viridian, Australia's leading glass manufacturer, is excited to launch Viridian SmartGlass, an affordable range of four residential single glazed energy efficient glass options, selected specifically for Australia's demanding climate.

Viridian SmartGlass is so called for its smart 'Low E' active insulation technology - a microscopically thin yet durable coating that is fused to the glass whilst it is red hot during glass making -  improving a home's energy efficiency rating by up to a whole 'Star' in some cases.

SmartGlass offers excellent insulation performance, up to 39% better than ordinary glass, combined with a choice of four solar protection levels ideal for residential applications across a broad range of climate zones and home orientations.

This means the homeowner will enjoy a more comfortable home while reducing the need to artificially heat and cool the home - allowing them to save on energy bills all year round.

Being a monolithic single-glazed product, SmartGlass can be readily substituted for ordinary glass, making it a very simple solution for builders, specifiers and consumers to improve their glazing.

Viridian General Manager of Marketing Lachlan Austin confirms that, SmartGlass will enhance Viridian's comprehensive range of single and double glazed products by providing an entry level product in the category of energy efficient glazing, helping to make advanced glazing more accessible to Australian builders, renovators and homeowners.

"Primarily targeted at residential volume builders, SmartGlass provides a straight forward way to make good glass choices in different climate zones and to achieve higher energy ratings without sacrificing natural light and aspect," says Lachlan.

"A leading national builder has already selected SmartGlass for the simplicity with which it was able to increase the star rating of their homes and other discussions to date suggest this will be the first of many.

"Home buyers are wanting to know more about their window and glass options as they are increasingly becoming aware of the difference windows make to the comfort, energy efficiency  and general appeal and livability of their homes while builders are looking for ways to respond to this trend.

"Prior to SmartGlass, energy efficient glazing wasn't being considered by the big building companies as it was seen as 'unaffordable' for first and second home buyer," continued Lachlan. "SmartGlass addresses this 'affordability' claim head on and lets builders and home-buyers experience the value of better glazing."

Viridian SmartGlass range comes in a range of tones, Clear, Neutral, Green and Grey, which offer increasing levels of solar protection from the sun's heat and greater glare control.

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