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‘We felt there was a gap in current education programs offered to professionals within the building and construction industries, particularly regarding materials intelligence for green development and end use practical application of the programs. To coincide with the often time poor professional, not only did we create educational materials to fulfil this gap but we also made them available online.’

  -     Tamasin Chugg, Facilitator of Ecospecifier Education.


There is an industry wide imperative to educate industry professionals and pre-professionals in tertiary, professional and commercial organisations about green building and materials issues.

Sustainable design is an expanding field within South Africa and with the imminent rise of new design strategies, building materials, technologies, government legislation, green building codes and rating schemes, Ecopecifier has designed 26 online modules to help advance and embed this evolving field of knowledge.


The online course (all 26 modules and readings) delivers over 70 hours of rich content. The modules form four key units of learning; the introduction to sustainability (products and projects), the Green Star suite of tools and Green Tag South Africa, project management for sustainable projects, and life-cycle analysis (LCA) and 'Quick Scan LCA'. 

Topics covered include:

  • Simplifying the sustainability policy landscape: explaining how all the different green building, energy and sustainability programs and tools mesh and interact - which ones are mandatory and which ones can be used to drive your business's bottom line;
  • How to reduce building costs: explaining strategies to find and drive building synergy to minimise not only operational costs but first costs also, using Integrative Design, Integrated Cost Analysis and inverted product selection processes;
  • Building element and materials eco-profiles: element by element explanation of the key ecological and health impacts of key materials and configuration alternatives of every major building component;
  • Life-cycle assessment in your future: explaining why LCA is the way of the future for describing how projects and products perform over their life span. Expanding on how LCA based programs are simple-to-understand despite being incredibly detailed and scientifically robust and how such programs are assisting with creating a mainstream movement toward green building. Evaluating third party audited eco-profiles of products and projects and detailing how LCA can be simply used in everyday practice by professionals and in marketing of products by manufacturers.


To view overall learning objectives and unit summaries, please follow the links below. 


Who should participate?

From corporate property and construction groups to architects, interior designers to materials manufacturers, executive teams, project and product teams to sales executive and sales teams, Ecospecifier online education has experience and content to suit you and your profession. The four online units are suitable for all stages of a career, from graduates to accredited professionals.



The flexibility of online education allows you to complete your professional development in your own time, in any location. Our online learning management system (LMS) is simple to use, and allows for immediate results and feedback, as well as progress trackers and personal discussion windows with our education team. Our materials, whilst online, are also able to be downloaded and printed, for ease of your learning experience.

Participants gain practical knowledge in optimising sustainability outcomes in design projects as a result of learning about:

  • The mimimisation of project and practice costs to deliver sustainability outcomes;
  • Levels of compliance – BCSA Section X, etc;
  • Understanding the implications of material choice in building compliance and sustainability ratings;
  • Life Cycle thinking in practical decision making;
  • Specification of ‘green’ products and buildings;
  • Setting priorities and evaluating/understanding the role that embodied energy has in materials selection and design;
  • Indicating and outlining the ecological and health profiles of a variety of typical building elements; and,
  • Efficiently using a materials specifier, such as Ecospecifier.



The online learning may be purchased as either:

  • The full course (all four units, readings and questionnaires); or
  • Individual units (one or a selection of the 4 units and the applicable readings and questionnaires). 


* Please note there is a 10% discount for purchase of the full course. 


Registration & course structure

As an online learning program, there are no set registration dates. Enrolment/s, materials access and completion dates for the materials are individually assigned.

Enrolment into the course or unit(s) is achieved through contacting our education team.



To enrol, register your interest or simply learn more, please contact Ecospecifier education South Africa on +27 21 790 0286 or via email at