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Make a Sustainable World Happen Sooner

Ecospecifier Global believes in collaboration with like-minded organizations, businesses and individuals to co-operate, co-develop and co-promote unique, collaborative and integrated services.

Ecospecifier's Global Development Partner Mission is to strengthen the case for sustainability and develop enhanced collaborative tools for making the necessary transition to a truly sustainable society both faster and easier than before.

There are various opportunities for organizations, businesses and individuals to work together and support each other via our development partner programs.


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Global Partners

"Through a development partnership with ecospecifier, the Griffith University EcoCentre has been able to seek interesting ways to compliment the education of future industry professionals and reach the critical mass to inspire wholesale change for a more sustainable future."

Delwyn Langdon, Director of the EcoCentre of Griffith University



Lizette Swanevelder

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