Certification Partners & Sustainability Partners

Certification & Sustainability Partners


GLOBAL GREENTAG SOUTH AFRICA is a Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved National Certification Mark, an ISO compliant ecolabel and Green Building Councils of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand recognised third party certifier. The program uses complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to certify green building materials and a wide range of other products and technologies. It is an Australian developed system with a global focus, comprised of 2 independent rating systems:

• Global GreenTag GreenRate certification enables products to be allocated Level A, B or C in the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) Green Star® Interiors Rating Tool and Green Cleaning Performance credits for Existing Building Performance Rating tool. 

• Global GreenTag LCARate life cycle assessment based certification enables products to be rated according to their 'cradle to end-of-life-fate' impacts to differentiate products from business as usual and other green product. 

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EarthCheck -  the world's leading certification company for the travel and tourism industry - has aligned with Go-Green Global in South Arica to service the Southern African Region.

Go-Green Global has an impressive list of blue chip clients and has made a concerted effort of bringing world-leading environmental solutions to the South African marketplace. EarthCheck being a strong case in point.

"Not only is EarthCheck the undisputed leading environmental program in the travel and tourism sector, it also is a holistic solution focusing on the 3BL fundamentals. Many programs today still fall short of EarthCheck as the focus on people and communities is often ignored or downplayed" explains Greg Seymour, Director of Go-Green Global.

"We're delighted to have Go-Green Global join our Alliance" explained Stewart Moore, CEO of EarthCheck. "Greg is highly respected by the industry and will be an excellent support for our members in the region."

Partnerships are key in the South African sustainability market and the association between ecospecifier / EarthCheck / Go-Green Global makes absolute sense.

Credibility is paramount in the environmental business and this is precisely what the EarthCheck brand represents. With an established network of over 2 dozen green consultants, Go-Green Global is well positioned to develop the SA sustainability market.

Sustainability Partners


THE CARBON PROTOCOL was established as a collaborative entity of concerned and interested parties within South Africa, with the aim of raising awareness and facilitating the transition to a climate resilient society, through the maintenance and management of a Carbon Neutral Logo for our members; creating a platform for the hosting of Programme of Activities (POA) as part of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects; and hosting, maintaining and managing an Offset Service Provider and Assessors database; and publishing regular newsletters with the most up-to-date international and national news relevant to the Carbon Protocol members and the broader climate-related community.

Please visit www.carbonprotocol.org for more information.



[Em]Powering solutions for socio-economic development.

Gracefully Consulting is a consultancy that serves individuals, businesses, governments as well as non-governmental/not-for-profit organisations by creating and contributing to meaningful and sustainable solutions in socio-economic development across the African continent.

Gracefully Consulting exists in commitment to being at the forefront of global development efforts and stands by integrating sustainable development best practices across all areas of consulting services provided, that include Organisational Assessment and Analysis; Sustainability Positioning, Strategy and Planning; as well as Implementation and Reporting. We work in close partnership with our clients, ensuring that solutions are formed that meet each need and unique context, and designed to ensure that both client and beneficiary receive the best value and return.

Please visit http://gracefully.co.za/ for more information.




The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) was organized in 1980 to bring together researchers, practitioners, and users of various types of impact assessment from all parts of the world. One of the unique features of IAIA is the mix of professions represented, which provides members with outstanding opportunities for interchange: to advance the state of the art and science of impact assessment in applications ranging from local to global; to develop international and local capability to anticipate, plan and manage the consequences of development; to enhance the quality of life for all.

Please visit http://iaiasa.co.za for more information.



The Sustainable Future Network(SFN) is a platform where students and young professionals can engage over sustainability issues. Looking at both social and environmental development. We believe that all of society needs to engage and become active participants to finding innovative solutions that will ensure we have a viable sustainable future, The Future We Want!

Please visit Sustainable Future Network ON FACEBOOK for more information.



Designbook.co.za is a home-grown South African home design portal that provides design ideas for aspirant homeowners looking to remodel their homes, and connects them to the suppliers that can make it happen.

Designbook not only celebrates South African design, but also aims to promote sustainable building practices through documenting eco-friendly design projects, showcasing eco-friendly products for the consumer to incorporate into their own home design plans. We think local is lekker, and would like to promote consumption patterns that promote local industry and job creation.



eLabel was developed to enable the sharing of information about products and services, particularly with regard to environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare concerns. eLabel serves two purposes. First, it is a platform where civil society organisations can share information that would be valuable to consumers. Second, it provides a tool that registered users can use to find out more about products than is provided on the physical label. Currently, eLabel
has working partnerships with WWF-SASSI, the Marine Stewardship Council (SA), Compassion in World Farming (SA) among others, and connects about 10,000 “concerned consumers”. Visit the eLabel website for more information: www.elabel.org



Go-Green Consulting is a SA based organisation with a level 4 BEE rating.

By providing a holistic sustainability product offering, we deliver the tools that will entrench your organisation firmly on the green path.

Our Certified Green Consultants are specialists in Greening organisations of all types and proportion.

Providing progressive organisations with highly implementable, results driven applications, tailored with effective solutions aimed at moving to a position of compliance or beyond!

At Go-Green Consulting, we state with confidence, that we have the skill and capability to assist your organisation in formulating, developing & driving your Green / Sustainability plans.

Visit us at www.go-green-consult.com to find out more….



Green Communities is a Non Profit Organisation promoting social upliftment through sustainable urban green living environments in low income housing settlements.

Green Communities has created the "Best Practice" models within national and local Integrated Development Plans, focusing primarily on job creation, the alleviation of crime and poverty and the health and well being of our indigent communities through greening interventions. We have done this through our social change management methodologies which require full community participation and our aim is to stimulate, grow and sustain these settlements into integrated, coordinated and holistic communities.

Of prime importance to Green Communities is the alleviation of poverty and the creation of greater opportunities for community members through urban agriculture, open space development, water and waste management and sustainable livelihoods’ projects.

Green Communities provides attractive green environments and energy interventions that are core to any community. Our greening efforts come with significant benefits to the environment & communities; they help to mitigate the impact of climate change, beautify the area, enhance health and well-being, provide food and ultimately provide economic opportunities for its inhabitants.


liveeco – South African Green living

liveeco is the expert in eco chic living and the first online eco publication and network in SA truly devoted to eco-friendly and ethical fashion, beauty and lifestyle. liveeco’s mission is to educate people on the new, eco way of living in a chic, trendy, sociable, fun yet thought-provoking environment. liveeco’s vision is to become the eco chic essential guide for SA’s hippest and trendiest greenies out there!

liveeco shows you that a fashion forward, trendy, chic lifestyle can be an eco-friendly one as well. It’s possible to be green and gorgeous! While the liveeco network is an online network of companies and individuals who blog about eco related issues and are able to sell their eco friendly goods and services online through the network. The liveeco network was developed with the idea of offering eco conscious enterprises and individuals an online platform, a gathering point, where they can engage with consumers and like-minded individuals and bring transparency to their businesses.




Our practice is inspired by the principles of green design. We aspire to support conscious lifestyles which respect the earth and all her inhabitants, through designing for the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet. Each challenge is considered holistically, aiming to achieve globally, locally and personally appropriate design solutions for twenty first century living.




icologie provides engagements that motivate and drive individuals in your organisation to think and act more sustainably.

Sustainability makes financial sense, matches customer expectation and drives innovation in your organisation.  However getting your teams on board is often difficult.  That’s what we do. Our approach uses the latest research and techniques to connect sustainability to what your people value.  This is how you get behaviour change and buy in.  Simple.   icologie works with a wide range of people in Government, Businesses, Universities, Schools and NGO’s.  We can help you drive sustainability and make your plans a reality.

◾Talks - Connect your people to sustainability with inspiring talks.

◾Education –  Empower and involve your staff with the issues and solutions.

◾Green Teams - Set up your teams, motivate them and keep the momentum going!

Website:   http://www.icologie.com


The Green Path

The Green Path is founded upon the standards set out by the well established Eco-Path for Cities and under license in South Africa to supply green certification. We acquired permission to localise the standards, so as to incorporate more relevant content. These Green Practices permits any business (including tenants) to honestly earn a Green Business Certification.

The Environmental Management Systems designed based on The Green Path framework is extremely comprehensive yet very achievable by any organization, big or small.

The Green Path Framework and it’s proven solutions are guaranteed to make a real difference to any companies bottom line, this also ensures we preserve the environment for future generations. We not only focus on the large implementations but also the small changes that are often free to implement and have a massive impact on costs as well as the environment. Combine all this with our experience and network of Certified Consultants across South Africa and you enjoy continuous access to creative, effective, leading edge eco-solutions that will bring about real-time sustainable change for your organisation and help you achieve what we call the Triple Bottom Line. People, Planet, Profits.

The Green Path, Certification that is earned not bought!