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AutoSpec is an expert database containing the products of all the major brands in the South African building industry.  The knowledge and expertise of the featured manufacturers have been programmed into the system which allows users to easily select a fit for purpose product through a simple prompt and response process.  A bespoke technical specification is then automatically generated for the user as a by-product of the selection process and this specification can then be added to a project specification in the form of schedules or trade and location based output documents referenced to the national standards. It’s like having a manufacturer’s product expert at your disposal 24/7 and is updated on a daily basis.

All relevant product images datasheets, brochures, technical drawings, CAD and Revit files as well as pricing are also provided. Specifications can also be exported to a Revit Keynote file.   AutoSpec’s products can be filtered on by Manufacturer, Product Category or Keywords and it’s available in offline and online versions.  So searching, comparing and specifying tens of thousands of materials and finishes has never been easier.  

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The Master Builders and Allied Trades' Association, Western Cape, known to most people in this area simply as "the MBA", is a registered trade association for employers in the building industry. Its membership comprises some 400 companies in the Western Cape, most of whom are either builders, building subcontractors, building merchants or manufacturers of building products.

The Association was founded in 1891 and is the oldest organisation of it's kind in South Africa. It is affiliated to M.B.S.A., the Master Builders South Africa, but is totally autonomous.

The MBA's primary objective is to ensure that the reputation of members in this area remains high and that investment in building is therefore attracted to it. It does this by insisting that Members work to the highest possible standards, aesthetically, technically and ethically - in short, that they conduct their business in a thoroughly professional manner at all times.












The aim of the group is to provide an opportunity for professionals to meet informally and discuss matters related to their professions and to the building industry in general.

Who is invited? The group includes architectural practitioners, engineers, quantity surveyors, planners, landscape and interior designers and other allied professionals. Attendance is open to any of these disciplines, as well as to invited developers, contractors and other persons who are committed to high levels of professionalism and service in the built environment.


*Contact person: Dick Crane 







To be the Professional Organisation within South Africa which is Uniquely committed to the disciplines & Standards of quality which surround the manufacture & installation of Expanded Polystyrene products.  To provide a forum for the exchange of expertise & interaction between individuals & organisations to create a competitive advantage for the Expanded Polystyrene industry.  To communicate to all stakeholders in the Expanded Polystyrene Industry the register of accredited members of EPSASA who have satisfied the Association's requirements of predetermined standards.




The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is the representative body of the Southern African vinyl industry.  SAVA is ideally positioned within the local plastics industry with representation on the Recovery Action Group (RAG), the Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA) and the Plastics SA Sustainability Council to ensure that its members are represented on a broader platform.  SAVA also participates in knowledge transfer activities with the Australian Vinyls Council, The Global Vinyls Council, Vinyls Plus and other international organisations



To be the Professional Organisation within South Africa which is uniquely committed to the disciplines & standards of quality which surround the manufacture & installation of architectural fenestration products, interior building systems, glass and glazing, building insulation & associated activities.  To provide a forum for the exchange of expertise & interaction between individuals & organisations to create a competitive advantage for the architectural fenestration, glass & insulation industry.  To communicate to all stakeholders in the Architectural aluminium industry the register of accredited members of AAAMSA who have satisfied the Association's requirements of predetermined standards.




For nearly five decades, the Clay Brick Association of Southern Africa (CBA) has contributed to the growth, development and quality of the building industry, setting the standards for high quality products as produced by its members. The clay brick industry is firmly committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Clay bricks are an excellent choice in the development of sustainable buildings. Besides the energy efficiency benefits, clay bricks are long lasting, require low maintenance, fully recyclable and provide a healthy and comfortable living environment.



The Institute of Timber Frame Builders promotes and maintains acceptable Standards with regard to all Aspects and Disciplines of Timber Construction and to ensure protection of consumer interests.

ITFB members are very proud of their   unblemished construction track record – a   track record that dates back some 29 years!   To find out more about the Institute of   Timber Frame   Builders, the multitude of   advantages of this Internationally accepted   method of construction, advice about   building or renovating, adding new decks,   walkways and verandas or to see our   beautiful award-winning structures, browse   through the website and then give us a call.   We have a national pool of expertise just   waiting to assist you



The mission of the Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA) is to create a professional and stable trading environment in which the industry can prosper and consumers can enjoy complete peace-of-mind. The KSA has two independent Associations, being Gauteng & Cape Town  (Reg no. 89/06481/08) and Kwazulu Natal  (Reg no. 97 08661/08). Both Associations operate together as we pursue the same interests and share resources as well as having a national committee.

As an independent body and non-profit organisation, the KSA is able to offer the potential kitchen, bathroom and built-in cupboard purchaser some sound advice with regard to choosing a suitable company.

Each member has satisfied a stringent checking procedure before they can join, and more importantly, has to maintain the high standards the KSA insists upon or risk being expelled from the association.

The KSA has a broad membership representation including affiliate members who supply to the kitchen, bathroom and built-in cupboard industries.



The Building Industry is the engine for growth and stability in the Boland.

MBA BOLAND will provide leadership to the building industry by striving to create a profitable environment through facilitating and coordinating industry activities, providing quality services, maintaining a regional platform and influencing the environment to achieve benefits for members and the communities in its area of jurisdiction. The MBA Boland motto is "Build with the Best". 


The FTTH Council Africa

Established in 2010, the FTTH Council Africa is an independent, not for profit organisation and active member of the Fibre Council Global Alliance (FCGA) alongside the FTTH Council Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and North Africa.
The FTTH Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for citizens in South Africa and Africa as a whole, providing African countries with an infrastructure which will increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace.


  • The FTTH Council Africa believes that the development and deployment of fibre based broadband access networks will enhance the quality of life for South African citizens and Africa as a whole.
  • To work towards providing African countries with an infrastructure that will allow its companies to increase their effectiveness and competitiveness within the global marketplace.
  • The council’s charter is to educate Africa governments, policy makers and political leaders on why and how high speed fibre connectivity can be delivered to citizens within the next years.
  • Through consulting with all major stakeholders, understanding their strategies and concerns - we endeavour to be the voice of the industry and to help create a better future for all involved.

Why Fibre?





The Wood Foundation is a Section 21 registered non-profit organisation, whose membership consists  of a number of industry associations, business,  private and affiliate members. The role of the Foundation is to promote the use and application of forestry and/or wood products through all levels of the supply chain, and to encourage the growing of trees as a sustainable and renewable resource.  Its key objectives include reinforcing the generic “wood brand”  through various  educational  and awareness activities in various markets and to lobby stakeholders (associations, business and government) to invest in promoting forestry, wood products, paper, timber construction and related industries. Membership is open to all who share these objectives.

The Wood Foundation
Tel: 011 974 1061
Fax: 011 974 9779








Susco offers efficiency and sustainability services to domestic and commercial clients in Cape Town. Our services include a FREE Efficiency and Sustainability Audit (ESA) at your premise! The ESA will detail your current energy, water and waste systems and your resulting carbon footprint. 

 We identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement in your energy, water and waste management systems that will save you money and make your household and/or your business more sustainable!

 We develop a sustainability strategy, based on your reduction targets and budget that we guarantee to reduce your electricity and water costs and reduce your waste to landfill.

 Once the strategy has been approved (by you) we deliver and install (if you desire) efficiency improvement products to your door; we offer training to anyone involved; and we review your systems to ensure your reduction targets have been achieved and, if not, to diagnose the shortfall.

Our consulting and management fees are performance-based and highlights our dedication to ensuring your targets are achieved.







EcoPath Solutions is your partner in Going Green, providing Official Green Business Certification as well as all Environmental Management Services.

We are able to provide all these services which not only benefit the environment but help to reduce operating costs.

EcoPath Solutions is an established practice focusing on Corporate Sustainability Solutions. We assist progressive customers to identify and implement various Eco Solutions. It can range from managing Energy, to Water and Waste with the aim of reducing overheads. We focus on creating a safer working environment for employees.

EcoPath Solutions goes beyond compliance. We Design Creative Environmental Solutions, therefore, offering much more than what is generally considered to be ‘Green’.

Our proven solutions will make a real difference to your bottom line, the environment and future generations. We don’t only focus on the large implementations but also the small changes that are often free to implement and have a massive impact on the environment. Combine all this with our experience and you enjoy continuous access to creative, effective, leading edge eco-solutions that will bring about real-time sustainable change for your organisation, therefore, helping you achieve what we call the Triple Bottom Line. People Planet Profits. Our success is your success, this forms the basis of everything we do.

Our values are honesty, integrity, professionalism and always placing our customers and the environment first. Through continuous training and effective supplier partnerships we are able to offer our clients convenience and peace of mind by knowing that EcoPath Solutions offers you turnkey solutions.

We offer the best possible eco solutions without it costing the world.




GreenBDG is a registered non-for profit organisation that provides an open knowledge platform for the optimisation of green building design processes across the built environment.

GreenBDG uses its green building knowledge platforms to ensure active collaboration between the academia, public sector and private sector built environment participants.




ThresholdARC is a diverse global company founded by Architect and Entrepreneur Gideon van der Schyff. Our goal at ThresholdARC is to design the future, to not just to follow the norm but to strive to new heights. Our 3D modeling division is always up to date with new trends in software as well as providing BIM platforms for companies, to assist in drawing, library creation, 3D printing and so much more.





SPECserv is focused on providing detailed platforms for the building environment and developing new ideas that will give every user, professional and everyone involved easier ways to communicate and manage their processes. We strive, not to compete, but to join forces and making a unified industry and bringing everyone together in building a greater future.





B!Mindustries is a platform owned by SPECserv. This platform will provide every end user the ease of accessing specifications, bills and so much more in one cloud based interface. Inter communications on a central project with adaptations with other platforms have provided us with one of the greatest achievements to bring the entire world's building industry into a nutshell. B!Mindustries have become the future for the built environment.



The Southern African Wood, Laminate & Flooring Association (SAWLFA)

Interest in the use of traditional wood, laminate and the newer generation vinyl flooring in commercial and domestic buildings, prompted responsible local concerns to form a body representative of the industry.

The Southern African Wood, Laminate & Flooring Association (SAWLFA) was formed in November 1998. Its aims were, to develop an awareness of the potential of wood and vinyl flooring, and to address the needs of both the local industry and that of the consumer.

This initiative is in line with comparative organisations throughout the world. Many of which have been active for a considerable length of time. Thus, many current European norms such as those published by the EPLF (European Producers of Laminate Flooring) are applied together with South African standards (SANS10043) tailored for the South African situation.



“The Professional’s choice in Continuous Professional Development”

As experts in learning and development, our passion for education and our commitment to excellence, drives us in continually raising the bar, when it comes to the design and development of our learning platform. offers you a convenient platform where you can acquire your CPD points by means of online courses and events, to stay compliant with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP).

Our platform offers both FREE as well as paid courses and events. We believe that education that is quick, easy, and informative is the best experience that a person can have, to develop oneself.