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What originated in 2008 as a print publication called the Survival Guide for Families, geared towards steering new parents towards ‘better choices’ for our children and earth has evolved into the current Green Family Guide website.

Our vision of changing lives through good content is what has sustained our business. We have never promoted a product we do not believe in, and never will.

Our business reflects our own journey. That is why we no longer print a magazine or have a rate card. We do not ‘sell advertising’ – we collaborate with businesses that support our ethos and share their growth.

Our Green Spotlight and NEW Green Directory pages showcase some of these. The site encourages sustainable living and a positive attitude to life; with informative articles on a variety of relevant topics. Popular pages on site include reviews, Save our Planet, Green Star Gallery as well as a range of health related articles and recipes.

Because the home is the heart of family life, the site includes a comprehensive Green Home section featuring excellent advice on how to make better choices for a more sustainable house and garden and a lower impact on our resources. A Green Build sub-section highlighting better building practices will soon be an extremely exciting addition to



alive2green is a media company focusing on advocating sustainability, believing that once presented with the relevant information, decision makers will make the right choices. The company tackles the issues surrounding sustainability and the environment. The company owns and organises conferences,  exhibitions,  handbooks,  ejournals,  websites and magazines, which connect leading industry stakeholders with government, civil society and each other. In so doing alive2green helps to communicate the fundamental issues; promote leading best practice; and facilitate the action needed for a more sustainable future.



Greenstone Technology assists in specifying 'eco' friendly products to the building industry - assisting building professionals (developers,
architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, contractors) to obtain easy access to the latest products in the Green Building Industry.

We represent a unique group of manufacturers of eco friendly products - each of whom has been thoroughly checked by us to represent only the highest quality of green standards.  We take the hassle away from you when you have made the correct decision to go the Green Route.



The Green Venture is a multi facetted business which explores living and building sustainably in South Africa. Our focus is green property development, the encouragement of green architecture and design, and environmentally conscious building products and methods.

Green development is OUR generations’ goal, and through our various sustainable building projects we’d like to achieve this very concept. Our first project being Rozelle Village in Wellington, where we will introduce brand housing set in a security village.

Architecture is the root of building! Instilling the knowledge and ideas of environmentally friendly design in young architects will ensure a brighter healthier future in the building industry. We intend to do so by allowing architects to take part in ORACOM, a competition which will put the architectural profession to the test in sustainable design.

What is an environmentally conscious building if the products being utilized are not? That is why we will also be talking about sustainable building products and methods which can be found in our Green Group section.


LIFE IN BALANCE – inspiring a sustainable culture 

Based on the premise that one person can make a difference, Life in Balance showcases the best in sustainable design, news and innovations, travel, food and drink, wellness, art and books, and daily living. A monthly e-newsletter, bi-monthly, nationally distributed lifestyle newspaper, and a website that’s updated daily, offer a fresh, chic take on all aspects of conscious living.   

Life in Balance cuts through the jargon, allowing readers to make informed choices based on clear, reader friendly content aimed at conscious consumers as well as those taking their first steps towards a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.  

The Directory presents a comprehensive resource guide to sustainable living & green design, natural & organic products and services, and supports the print and electronic offerings.



Collectively specifying for stylish structures & spaces 

Spec Solutions was formed by Gayle Pirie Slyper in 2010 with a vision of showcasing quality, innovative and eco-related products to the industry professionals who implement them.

With many years’ experience in the South African building industry and a wealth of key contacts, Spec Solutions has proven its value to its customers by demonstrating product exposure and usage in multiple projects.

Spec Solutions focuses on innovative and sustainable manufacturing products and practices that complement each other, showcasing a bouquet of quality products and services to a wide range of industry professionals for specifying purposes.


Ethical Branding

Providing graphic and web design services with the lightest footprint whilst helping our clients to do the same.

All of our websites runs on 100% Renewable Energy.




AccuSpec was established, driven by the desire to make a difference in the built environment. We want to ensure that things get done the right way. Basically, we ensure that the quality of construction is what it should be and that the quality is “built in” at the front end, rather than at the back end of a project.

Our team as a collective has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of specifying, training, building, maintenance, risk assessment & risk management in the building industry.