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Duravit – Architec and DuraStyle Dry Urinal, High Efficiency Toilet Ranges

Duravit Architec and DuraStyle Dry Urinal is a waterless urinal made up from sustainable and durable sanitary ceramic. A soft silicon, rubber compound membrane referred to as the hose diaphragm allows urine to pass into the siphon and then closes effectively to seal off odours and prevent unpleasant smells. It also includes a cover with pouch containing a gel that offers a fragrance and acts as an indicator for replacement.

Duravit High Efficiency Toilets (HET) range includes D-Code Compact wall mounted pan, Starck 3 wall mounted pan, Starck 3 compact wall mounted pan, Starck 3 close couple and Vero wall mounted pan. The company’s Dual Flush technology reduces the amount of water needed to flush a toilet hygienically to less than 4.5 litres. This can result in savings of 17,000 litres of water per year for a household of four. Duravit also offers toilets that flush efficiently with a low flushing volume and that carry the “EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Flushing” label.

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