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Aluminium extrusions made with recycled content and available in a variety of finishes.

Wispeco extruded aluminium profiles are available in mill, powder coating, or anodised finishes. Both aluminium virgin billet and billet produced from recycled aluminium are utilised in the extrusion process whereby the heated mixed aluminium billet is pushed through a die under high pressure and temperature to form simple or very complex profile shapes.

More than 76% of Wispeco’s extrusion billet requirements are provided by its in-house remelt and casting facility. More than 72% of the input into this process is post-consumer recycled aluminium and process scrap, which are sourced locally. The re-melting of recycled aluminium requires as little as 5% of the energy required in the smelting of primary aluminium. The product is a semi-fabricated value, which is in some cases a complete consumer article such as swimming pool tubes, carpet and tile edging, or in most cases a product, which is further processed by another firm into products such as windows, doors etc.

Aluminium is fully recyclable and has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

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Green Star SA - Office

Mat-3: Recycled Materials

Green Star SA - Retail Centre

Mat-3: Recycled Content and Re-used Products and Materials

Green Star SA - Multi Unit Residential

Mat-3: Recycled Content & Re-Used Materials

Green Star SA - Public & Education Buildings

Mat-3: Recycled Content & Re-used Products and Materials

Green Star SA - Interior

Mat-3: Assemblies

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