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Fully galvanised wire, lightly galvanised wire and wire products are suitable for industrial use. Cable armouring is suitable for commercial use and the Fencing is suitable for mining, agricultural and residential applications.

The Sharon Wire Mills division of Cape Gate (Pty) Limited processes wire rod into uncoated wire, galvanized wire, and wire products for a variety of markets. These products conform to international quality standards, and are manufactured from wire rod bearing the South African Bureau of Standards mark.


Fully and lightly galvanized wire requires a series of manufacturing processes before the final physical and metallurgical properties can be achieved. Galvanized wire coils are used for a number of applications within Cape Gate to produce final products that are sold off to customers in various industries. These customers range from the cable armouring sector to agricultural firms. The zinc coated wire that is sold off to customers has desirable characteristics of being robust in applications where corrosion resistance is required.

Wire rod into uncoated wire, galvanized wire, and wire products include:

·      Hard drawn wire 

·      Mild steel coils

·      Galvanising coils

·      Annealed wire 

·      Hexagonal wire netting

·      Diamond mesh

·      Galvanised welded mesh

·      Barbed wire

·      Spooled baling wire

·      Netting (13mm,25mm,40/50mm,75/90mm)

·      Field fence

·      Hinge Joint fence

·      Straightened and cut galvanized and uncoated wire

·      Pre-packaged wire products and mini coils [handi-pak)

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