We have maintenance log books for our cars but not our property

We have maintenance log books for our cars but not our property

Date: 12.02.2013


Property Log Book Australia have done just that and launched the Australian version of the well established UK Home Log Book.

The Australian Property Log Book provides a secure Internet based storage of all property related documentation, maintenance schedules and information, as provided by the Log Book owner thereby maintaining an accurate and full record of their homes

The use and promotion of renewal products to improve sustainability and energy efficiency of homes is a key feature of the Australian log books.

Solar PV system manuals is a good example complying with the CEC regulations, existing and new property owner. System documentation regarding the installation, operation and maintenance of your system is required under Australian Standard AS/NZS 5033

The Log Book operates in existing homes, new build homes and tenancy management sectors.

Home Owner Benefits

This historical record is a valuable tool designed to reduce time and effort when an owner comes to resell their property.

The information disclosed is a true record that complies with Australian legislation regarding alterations, product installations and maintenance.

Both the seller and purchaser benefit with the full knowledge of approved work done to that property helping to provide a realistic agreed sale price

Partner Benefits

The objective is to create an opportunity for service providers associated with a Log Book to increase the potential for repeat referral business once the home has been sold on to a new owner.

This benefits both the new home owner as well as the service provider. See Log Book Partners http://www.logbookpartners.com.au

Extended Property Management Features

  • Log Book owners can select preferred trade and service suppliers and record them in their Log Book.
  • The Log Book stores maintenance and product warranty dates which act as a reminder for the log book owner when actively accessing their log book.
  • An electronic card file of accredited trades is produced as a result of satisfactory work and will be transferred to the new owners on resell. Traders will benefit from these recommendations.

Request a trial http://www.logbookpartners.com.au/about/contact-us

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